Crystal Green is the first continuous release granular fertilizer to provide Root-Activated™ phosphorus, along with nitrogen and magnesium (5-28-0 with 10%Mg), to feed sugar beet plants all season-long with one application.

Unlike conventional water-soluble phosphorus fertilizers, Crystal Green granules use a citrate soluble mode of action activated by organic acid production. As the roots produce citrates, Crystal Green responds with a healthy release of phosphorus, fertilizing sugar beets on demand. As plant demand decreases, nutrient release from Crystal Green is reduced, minimizing excess phosphorus in the soil and lowering the risk of tie-up. Crystal Green provides the nutrients your sugar beet plants need all season long.

Crystal Green Benefits for Sugar Beet Growers

Minimize phosphorus tie-up and crop nutrition challenges with one season-long application of Root-Activated™ phosphorus. Just use Crystal Green granules in combination with your conventional phosphate fertilizer as part of a blend.

Crystal Green fertilizer optimizes phosphorus availability by consistently providing sugar beets with the phosphorus they need, when they need it, through its unique Root-Activated™ mode of action. All with no additional labor or worry. The release of superior phosphate nutrients promotes a healthy, dense root mass and a vibrant canopy of lush green leaves. At harvest, well-nourished plants can result in a substantially increased marketable yield in your fields.

Tons Increase Per Acre with Crystal Green Over Grower Standard Practice

Four years of university and independent replicated trials conducted in multiple growing regions show Crystal Green Blends increase yield as compared to the grower standard practice.

Chart: Ton increase per acre

Maintain Sugar Content while Increasing Yield

Crystal Green maintains sugar content giving growers the benefit of an increased yield without impacting sugar content.

Chart: Sugar content

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Increase yields with a continuous release, season-long supply of phosphorous.


Build vibrant, healthy turf that has faster recovery and increased stress tolerance.




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